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AntiGravity Aerial Yoga & Fitness

Come join in the new revolutionary designed fitness regimen of Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Yoga. AntiGravity is the newest craze, guaranteeing to increase your overall health and wellbeing, making you healthier, happier and taller in just one session, while having fun.

AntiGravity Yoga will help Increase your flexibility, strength and posture all while having fun experiencing zero gravity with friends. Spots are limited so don’t miss out book in to the next trial class or term!

It is important to start in the AntiGravity Aerial Yoga & Fitness Beginners class which is a great introduction into the world of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga. You will learn all the essential grips, wraps, traps and inversions which will give you confidence in the hammock and advance you onto other amazing skills. Once you have completed a term of beginners you will be able to continue progressing into higher levels of classes to intermediate and then advanced.

For those who are wanting to wind down we have the AntiGravity Restorative class available. This class allows you to slow down, stop and restore your body as you are taken through a gentle stretch and relaxation class.

Anyone can participate in AntiGravity Yoga you don’t need any previous fitness or yoga ability. It is for everyone no matter weight, height or fitness ability.

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Aerial Silks & Lyra

Looking for a workout, a new way of life and a whole heap of fun and laughter?

Come join in the Circus Arts of Aerial Silks & Lyra. Don’t assume that Aerial Silks and Lyra is beyond your fitness capabilities. It will increase your strength and flexibility with each class focusing closely on each. Whether you are looking for your inner child or still a child yourself, come take the time and experience what it’s like to hang upside down again. It is open for both children and adults starting from age 8 regardless of experience level everyone can benefit from attending.

These classes have no uniform requirements, no compulsory exams, eisteddfods or concerts. We do invite our parents in throughout the year for watching week.

Private Sessions are also available for AntiGravity Yoga, Aerial Silks and Lyra